Renew Wellbeing is the name of the overarching organisation that is helping churches around the country to replicate the renew wellbeing cafe concept with help and funding until Sept 2017 from Cinnamon Network. With two cafes already started,  a third in the planning stages  and several more at enquiry stage we are seeking funding from Sept 2017 for core costs (training administration, travel costs and publicity) to enable us to help more churches respond to the call to join in with being present in their communities. 

Based in Nottingham, Renew 37 is our first centre and opened in September 2015. The space combines a community cafe run in partnership with the local mental health team and a prayer room to help establish good inner habits.

The space is run and funded by New life Baptist Church and shared with a local cafe business. Renew37 is a place where “everybody knows your name”, where all are valued and no one is labelled. It is a space where anyone can suggest an activity, share a hobby, learn a new skill, make connections and be signposted to any help they need. It is a space where it is understood that we are all on a sliding scale of mental wellbeing and where it is possible to access help from the Council’s mental health team without referral. It is a space where any faith and none are welcome to belong, to reduce social isolation and deal with the causes of mental and emotional ill health. It is a space where people can encounter God’s love and develop healthy inner practices of prayer and meditation. Our vision is now to encourage as many churches as possible to open up a space in which to be present , be prayerful and be in partnership with their local council  for as little as two hours a week to improve the wellbeing of those living around them. 

Vicki and the team would be happy to show you round. Open Mondays to Thursdays.

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Renew 6 runs on Wednesday afternoons at Cafe Pie in Sheffield, Lydia and Jill would love to see you. Take a look at what they are up to. (Run by a mission community of St Thomas Philadelphia Church)

Renew 24 is in Ruddington in Nottinghamshire, run by Ruddington Baptist Church. They meet every Wednesday afternoon in the Black Cat Cafe, they also have Renew 'Out of Hours' for young adults. 

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Renew 127 is a project in the planning stages in Bentley in Doncaster. Bentley Baptist Church are bravely taking on a disused betting shop and turning it into a Renew Centre. Watch this space.

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Renew 34 is going to be opening soon in Watnall Road Baptist Church in Hucknall using the church building and their very attractive cafe as a base. 

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Renew Derby will be restarting soon in Broadway Baptist Church run by a small group. They have completed a successful pilot programme and are looking forward to more Monday morning Renew Cafe sessions in the Autumn. 

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